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"Nicole": "Do you miss them, Isaac?"
Isaac: "The Kellion team? Yeah."
"Nicole": "They think they're dead. What do you think?"
Isaac: "The Marker saw who they really were. It'll remember them."
—Conversation between the apparition of Nicole Brennan and a demented Isaac Clarke.[2]

The USG Kellion was a CEC shuttle transporting an emergency maintenance team under the command of Zach Hammond, dispatched to the USG Ishimura by the corporation in response to the planet cracker's communications blackout and subsequent distress call.

Investigating the Ishimura[]

The USG Kellion was dispatched to the USG Ishimura as part of a CEC emergency maintenance mission to determine and repair the cause of the communications blackout. Following the vessel's successful shockpoint into the system, the Kellion approached the Ishimura; however, the larger vessel failed to respond to the repeated hails.[note 1] Attempting to enter the Ishimura via an automatic docking procedure, a drifting piece of planetary debris smashed into the starboard bow of the Kellion and slid across to port, resulting in a malfunction of docking and autopilot, mandating an emergency landing inside the Ishimura's Flight Deck hangar.[note 2]

DSR Isaac and Johnston

Isaac Clarke and Hailey Johnston aboard the Kellion.

After the initial Necromorph attack and the discovery of the outbreak aboard the Ishimura, Isaac Clarke was sent back to the Kellion by Zach Hammond to help prepare the shuttle for launch alongside Corporal Johnston, who had remained on board. After Isaac went aboard and loaded a damage report, several Leapers were seen destroying the Kellion's singularity core, causing a chain of explosions throughout the shuttle. Johnston was killed and Isaac was thrown back onto the flight deck as the Kellion exploded and fell to the floor of the hangar bay, completely destroyed.

Shuttle Design[]

The Kellion seemed to have a similar design to the Ishimura's shuttles, with the only difference being the addition of a quad-booster array attached to the main body, likely the singularity core and ShockPoint Drive systems. It was also equipped with armor plating that could slide down over the cockpit windows, protecting the occupants in case of an emergency situation.


  • At the end of Dead Space: Downfall, the shuttle can be seen approaching the Ishimura, responding to Alissa Vincent's distress call.
  • In the original game, when you arrive in the hangar after you've moved the Red Marker in Chapter 11, turn off gravity and move to Runway 1. If you jump around enough and find the right spots, you can identify the bow of the Kellion charred black in the far corner. In the remake, you can fly to the remains of the Kellion and find Hailey Johnston's corpse.
  • In Dead Space 2, upon arriving back to the Ishimura, one may not be able to find the Kellion where it was destroyed. It was possibly moved from the ship and its presence concealed from the public.
  • The shuttle was built/designed by Zebra Industries.



  1. Briefly, a completely unintelligible response was received, but both the origin of that communication and its contents remain unknown.
  2. It is unknown if the destabilization of the Kellion's approach was caused by an auto-dock malfunction or a collision with a piece of planetary debris.


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