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The USM Abraxis was an Earth Defense Force warship of the same class as the USM Valor. It was responsible for recovering the only four survivors from the USG O'Bannon and transporting them to the Sprawl.

The Abraxis carried a number of EDF Marine units as well as an EarthGov interrogation team.

Ship Design[]

Outwardly identical to the USM Valor aside from color, the ship was armed with multiple cannons which were powerful enough to destroy a ship of the USG O'Bannon's size with ease. The vessel contained multiple facilities for the holding and interrogation of a large number of captives.


  • The Abraxis was referred to as an "Interceptor" by Isabel Cho, which may be another name for the Destroyer class that it and the Valor belong to, or its role, as it was implied by Kendra Daniels that the Valor quickly responded to contact.