"This is USM Shuttle Intrepid hailing the freelancers in control of the USG Ishimura, stand by for boarding."
—Captain Amise
USM Intrepid
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The USM Intrepid is an EarthGov shuttle/ship captained by Captain Amise, sent after the Second Aegis VII Incident to recover the Red Marker.

After the arrival of Julia Copland in the Government blockade, Secretary David Chang ordered to be send a little ship to the origin vector of his ship, in the asteroid belt. The ship send was the Intrepid, with a small security team.
The crew appears to be formed by and officer, the captain Amise, a pilot and at least five marines.
As the Oracles discovered the exact coordinates thanks to Julia, and maybe because his ship was faster, they arrived before the USM Intrepid, landing undetected.
After finding the Ishimura, the Intrepid was hailed by Schneider, who made them believe he got the marker and want make a deal. He made them land in Cargo Bay 4 on Level 5 (4-L5), but he really was on the bridge. He sent them there because, from the cameras, knew the cargo bay is infested of Necromorphs.
The Oracles found their trap immediately. One ran to warn the Intrepid, but the other opposed, saying "The marines deaths will buy us time to reach the bridge before Schneider can leave".
The USM Intrepid landed and the troops and Amise got out of the ship, finding the cargo bay apparently deserted, but when they dispersed, they were attacked by the Necromorphs. The Necromorphs slaughtered the troops, and only Amise managed to get back to the ship. He ordered the pilot to take off but he found the pilot killed by a Slasher , who probably killed the officer immediately. The Intrepid never took off.
It may be assumed than the arriving EarthGov forces, after clearing the Ishimura of Necromorphs , recovered the ship, apparently intact.


  • The ship is VTOL capable.
  • At the end of Dead Space: Salvage, Intrepid is left aboard the USG Ishimura, though its fate is unknown.
  • The Intrepid was said to be an EarthGov shuttle , but is later specified as a ship.