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This is USM VICTORY hailing inbound craft. You are in a restricted zone. State your identification.

The USM Victory was a large Earth Defense Force warship that was assigned to the government blockade of the Aegis System Shockpoint.[1]

Service Record[]

After the Aegis VII Colony incident, the ship was visited by Defense Secretary David Chang and two Oracles on a mission to recover Marker 3A or any remains of it. When Julia Copland bretrayed the Magpies, she went to the USM Victory to negotiate a reward with them, by revealing the location of the USG Ishimura and giving them a Marker shard.

With the crew of the shuttle USM Intrepid and the Oracles killed after being sent to the Ishimura, the Victory was contacted by Stefan Schneider, who challenged them to take on the Ishimura as the Planet Cracker was filled with Necromorphs.[1] The Victory was presumably successful in retrieving the Ishimura as it was transported to Titan Station.