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"I'll stay. If things are this bad everywhere, people will be coming here for help."
—The Sergeant to Gabe Weller.

This unidentified P.C.S.I. Sec Sergeant appears in Dead Space: Extraction (comics).


The sergeant assisted Nathan McNeill's group in getting clear of the Necromorphs in Bay 1, before assigning himself to protect the doctor Nicole Brennan. He held her isolated inside a room with him, before being attacked by the Necormorphs again through the vent system.

He used a Plasma Cutter Nicole gave him as they both charged their way out of the room to head for Bay 2. While fighting the Necromorphs as they ran, the sergeant was overwhelmed and stabbed through the mouth by a Slasher, leaving Nicole on her own.


  • Despite appearing in the Extraction comics, he has no appearance in the game. His role in the game is filled by another Ishimura security member, whom Weller tells that they are heading for engineering.
    • His quote in the comic is actually Nicole's quote in the game.
  • He wore the same uniform as Weller's taskforce, although it is unclear if he was part of it or not.