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"Take our hands that we may feed you, take our eyes that we may see you, take our minds that we may serve you; we will live forever..."
—Cult Mantra
DeadSpace3Awakened-OfficialScreen-CultLeader 1

The Unitologist Cult observe the initiation ritual led by their "prophet".

The Unitologist Cult[1] was a new Church formed by the remnants of the Circle aboard the CMS Terra Nova. Led by their mysterious "prophet", these new cultists dedicated themselves to the mutilation of their bodies in honor of the Brethren Moons.

The cultists are encountered in Dead Space 3: Awakened as physical enemies and as hallucinations.



"It appears there aren't many of us left now who haven't submitted to the new "church". They hunt in packs going corridor by corridor trying to flush us out. They've taken to wearing their ceremonial hoods, but I can still recognize some of them. I can't be sure whose face is under their leader's mask. He claims to speak for the Voice and has gotten everyone obsessed with turning the ship into a church. As Unitologists, we are taught from an early age that our bodies are sacred vessels that will be united when Convergence comes. But this new leader teaches that our bodies are imperfect. He literally hews away the body's imperfections, replacing them with grotesque appendages "in honor of the Voice". He makes his followers gather the castoffs in baskets as offerings."
—Vested Randall Carr[2]
Dead s

A cultist after the mutilation ritual.

Members of the Circle that survived the events of Tau Volantis and the subsequent destruction of the planet's Brethren Moon sought refuge on the CMS Terra Nova. In the aftermath of Jacob Danik's death and the destruction of the Tau Volantis Moon and the prevention of Convergence, their faith was shaken by the destruction wrought by the Necromorphs on the planet and of the Moon itself.[3]

However, one Circle member remained steadfast and took their experiences as a sign of things to come. He and the survivors were contacted shortly after by the awakened Brethren Moons,[4] though this experience served to drive several of the survivors mad, some huddling up and repeatedly murmuring, "They are hungry. They are coming." While others simply killed themselves, either by shooting their heads off or cutting their throats, many still managed to make it to the Terra Nova where they created a new Church under their prophet's guidance. They offered various parts of their bodies to the Brethren Moons, mutilating themselves to appear as Necromorphs, and declared Jacob Danik to be their saint.

DS3 Awakened Michael Altman Screen

Michael Altman on a screen aboard the CMS Terra Nova after it was taken over by the Cult.

The prophet and his fellow brothers created a new church in the name of the Brethren Moons and Convergence. In their insanity, they began dismembering, mutilating themselves in order to resemble the Necromorphs (Slashers in particular) by removing their hands to accompany new garish metal fixtures bolted to their backs and arms to resemble the claws of a Slasher.

The cultists' severed body parts were offered to the Brethren Moons as ritualistic offers, set up in various shrines around the Terra Nova along with the existing corpses of Necromorphs left on the ship.

Arrival of Isaac and Carver[]

DS3 Awakened Necro Statue

A statue made from the corpse of a Necromorph and the cultists' severed hands.

"I tried to run but my ankle caught in a hole in the catwalk and snapped. They dragged me to a closet until they could "prepare the church". I suspect they mean to kill me. In these final hours, it's not the numbing pain of my ankle that preoccupies me or even fear for my life. I know I will die. What worries me is what will happen when I do. Is there even such a thing as Convergence? We've been told our entire lives how wonderful it will be but what we have witnessed is anything but. And this Voice - are we instruments of its divinity or have we become the tools of our own destruction? I find myself hoping that none of it is true and that, when I die, I will feel nothing and this nightmare will finally be over. I have only one more moment of pain to endure. And then I will be free."
—Vested Randall Carr's last words before being killed by the cultists.[5]

Eventually, Isaac Clarke and John Carver returned to the Terra Nova in an attempt to use its ShockPoint Drive to return to Earth, unaware about the Cult's occupation of the ship. Aided by the Brethren Moons actively hampering the two survivors with heavy dementia, the cultists sat in wait for an opportunity for an ambush. Despite their best efforts, the Cult was eventually wiped out by Clarke and Carver and eventually abandoned by the Moons once their deception was revealed.


  • The Scrapers mimic the Slashers in their attacks and the Feeders in their swarming tactic. However, as they lack the hardy physiology of genuine Necromorphs, they easily succumb to gunfire, often going down in one shot.


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