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The Unitologist Dropship is an unknown class of dropship mainly used as a troop transport in field by the Unitologist extremist group known as the Circle.


The dropship is armed with a double-barreled turret capable of rotating by 360° degrees and a missile launcher installed underneath the cockpit. Two doors flank the passenger hold section, which slide inside the ship. They can be used to rapidly deploy troops to combat from both sides. Grappling hooks can be attached at the doorways similar to 21st century helicopters for mid-air deployment.

A corridor leading to the cockpit contains one seat for the pilot along with controls for the ship's systems.

The gunship has two large exhaust ports on its front side capable of rotating between the ship's flight and landing positions, along with 2 pairs of larger and smaller thrusters, with the smaller ones installed directly into the hull and the bigger ones are installed on external limbs assisting in stabilizing of the ship in atmosphere as well as for presumably finer locomotion in space travel, which can be rotated when landing.

4 flaps are installed on the ship's back-end presumably to help with the ship's stabilization in a planet's atmosphere, which can be rotated up and down. The ship has a ShockPoint drive for faster-than-light travel.

Various stylized Marker symbols can seen on the hull as well on the fanatics' other equipment. The hull bears mainly an orange paintjob with bits of yellow and grey.

The dropship appeared frequently throughout Dead Space 3 and its DLC and acted as an enemy near the end of the game. The Circle members used it to either patrol a certain area or bring a squad of troops onto the field relatively quickly.

Death Scene[]

If Isaac Clarke or John Carver got spotted by the ship's spotlight, the dropship opened fire upon them and they simply got ripped to pieces, a good example of the ship's turret's caliber.


  • The dropship entered at the end of Awakened's Chapter 1 has glitched wing models which are rotated 90 degrees on two axes, making them move front and back instead of up and down.