Unitologist Dropship
Unidropship front hl2modelviewer
Production information
Technical Specifications

Engine Unit(s):

ShockPoint Drive


  • High-caliber turret with rotatable base
  • Missles


The Circle
Unitologist Cult

Known Owner(s):

The Circle


The Unitologist Dropship is an unknown class of dropship. Mainly used as a troop transport in field, the dropship is armed with a double-barreled turret attached to a base below the cockpit which is able to rotate 360 degrees and a missile launcher. Despite it's strength, the ship is very fast.


The dropship appeared frequently throughout Dead Space 3 and acted as an enemy near the end of the game. The Circle used it to either patrol a certain area or bring a battalion worth of troops onto field relatively quickly.

Death SceneEdit

If Isaac or Carver got spotted by the ship's spotlight, the dropship opened fire upon them and they simply got ripped to pieces which is a good example of the ship's turrets' caliber.


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