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Type: Text
Characters: By Carrie Van Ottken
Chapter: 10
Can be found: Near the top of the elevator that must be taken in the beginning of the chapter.

Is Unitology a new hope, or just another scam?

By Carrie Van Ottken

If you've been living on Mars for the past 200 years, you might have missed the fastest-growing religious movement in history.

Unitology boasts a following of millions, counts powerful CEOs and officials in its ranks, claims $78 billion of stock in multiglobal companies, and owns two of Earth's largest financial institutions (GPSG Financial and Unitas Energy Investments). From its beginnings as a cult of personality, Unitology has become a respected, established religion. Most people know the basics. Two hundred years ago, Michael Altman, a professor of Anthropology, blew the whistle on what he claimed to be the biggest cover-up ever instituted by Earth Government--the discovery of an artifact or "Marker" which proved beyond any doubt there is alien life in the Universe. The Government labelled Altman a kook, but his claims struck a chord with some, and his mysterious death soon afterwards fueled that interest.

Unitologists believe the marker contained a code, the key to eternal life, through rebirth and ascension to heaven (The kicker is you have to die first). They say the government is hiding the marker somewhere, keeping its secrets for themselves. Across all of human space, Unitologists praise Altman's martyrdom and await the day God comes to take them to their new life beyond death. It all sounds pretty harmless. But, like any cult, there's a dark side.

Unitologists are "ranked" in the Church. Nobody ever talks about it, but most of its critics believe there are at least three ranks above the average believer, or "initiate". With each new rank, more of the Church's inner workings and research are revealed to a follower. And these ranks are achieved by one simple criteria--giving money and power to the Church.

Think taking all your money's bad? The Church also requires their members to donate their bodies after death. Why? What do they do with them? Nobody will say, and attempts to infiltrate the inner circle have failed. With their emphasis on "transformation and rebirth", maybe we wouldn't like the answer even if they told us.

One rumor that also refuses to die says the Church is funding a secret shipbuilding program. Some claim to have seen the fleet. No documentary evidence has ever been supplied, but the claimants all say these "mausoleum ships", despite their huge size (Cont'd on p94)