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During the final moments of Dead Space 2: SeveredGabe Weller is attacked by Victor Bartlett, who used an Unknown Grenade to kill himself and mortally wounding Weller.

Design Details[]

The grenade seems to have the same shape and size as any standard grenade, with a light brown body and a circle of red dots on its top that is lit even before activation. Once the spoon is popped off, the red dots began flickering and the grenade itself beeps a few times before its eventual detonation. The sound of the blast is not very noticeable, though the explosion lets out a bright flash and is capable of knocking a person several feet away and rupturing pressurized armors.



  • The grenade seems to be quite powerful; it is capable of blowing off a human leg and the plating of modern armor.
  • After it explodes, Weller is found a few meters away. Whether there are any remnants of Bartlett's remains is unknown.
  • Its fuse is a lengthy eight seconds if its associated quicktime event is successful; however, if failed, it will last only six seconds.
  • This could possibly be the same type of grenade used by Unitologist Soldiers in Dead Space 3, sans the red glow.