Plasma Pistol (unofficial)
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Directed-energy weapon

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The Plasma Pistol was a weapon seen exclusively in Dead Space: Aftermath, wielded by the members of the EDF Marines.


The Plasma Pistol was quite large in size and featured a predominantly dark-grey color scheme. Judging by the size of its grip, the magazines (If any) are supposedly fitted underneath the weapon. 

The pistol featured spacer bars on its barrel, similar to the Seeker Rifle, though relations if any are unclear. There was also what appeared to be a holographic sight attached to the top of this weapon.

Seeing how Nikolas Kuttner was effortlessly able to wield it one-handed while firing quite accurately, it was presumably lightweight or Kuttner was strong enough to withstand it's (Visually minimal) recoil.


  • The "Plasma Pistol" was an unofficial name as the weapon was never actually named officially in the movie.
  • Alejandro Borges, the lead Interrogator and his assistant are killed by a guard with this gun.
  • It was possibly one of the unnamed weapons mentioned in Dead Space: Martyr.


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