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"These things seem to handle bullets just fine, but a couple of rips from this bad boy and they don't get up."
Samuel Irons[1]

The Plasma Saw was a mining-tool-turned-weapon only featured in the film, Dead Space: Downfall. It was also featured at the mobile version of Dead Space and used as close-range attacks. A game which took place between Dead Space and Dead Space 2 featured a similar weapon for melee attacks. See more at "Dead Space (Mobile)".


When it was activated, the Saw projected a stream of suppressed Plasma that took the shape of a blade similar to a chainsaw's that when it was in use would remain active and extended until the saw was deactivated. The saw had a flashlight affixed to the top of it and bore a vague resemblance to the 211-V Plasma Cutter.[note 1]

Not much was known about the saw, but given the precise cuts that it made in the Necromorphs, it could be assumed that the saw was used to carve up reasonably-sized rocks that a single miner could handle by themselves. This tool came with no hints to any secondary function.

Operational historyEdit

Samuel Irons found a crate of these saws and viewed the find as a "divine discovery", just down the hall from where the P.C.S.I. Sec. team made their first stand against a horde of Slashers. He came to their rescue, effortlessly slicing the Slashers apart with his saw. The team replaced their issued firearms with the Plasma Saws due to their greater efficiency.


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  1. Under a criminal file at the start of the movie, the tool is officially called a "Plasma Cutter". This may suggest that there are several different kinds of Plasma Cutters (as this one is obviously different from the game's version), or the creators of the film incorrectly adapted the 211-V Plasma Cutter.


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