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The Unknown Rifle is a weapon only seen in the movie Dead Space: Aftermath. The weapon, wielded by the EDF Marines, appears to have at least two distinct firing modes: The first being that of a standard assault rifle designed to eliminate a target and the second being a non-lethal shot of electricity capable of incapacitating its target.


  • The "Unknown Rifle" is an unofficial name as the weapon is never actually named in the movie itself or seen in the Dead Space games.
  • There is a theory that this weapon is a modification of a Seeker Rifle chambered with smaller caliber and capable of full-auto fire.
  • The "Unknown Rifle" is very similar in shape and size to the Heavy Pulse Rifle from Dead Space (mobile).
  • The Unkown Rifle features a red laser unlike most other weapons in The Dead Space Universe which feature a blue laser.
  • The Stun switch to Kill mode is inspired by the common blaster used in Star Wars, E-11 Blaster Rifle.