Logan was racing down the hallway as fast as he could. Rachel and Darrek were right behind him. He could hear the creatures just behind them. He had never been this scared for his life. He always got out of tough situations with a smirk on his face. But this was different. Much different than before on the Ishimura. Through the darkness he saw the orange glow of a locked door.

"Shit." He said under his breath.

The team stopped and turned around to the sound of the monsters just fading into view among the dark corridors.

"Oh god. Rachel, Darrek, keep them off me okay? I'm gonna hack this."

"Well do it fast, we're not gonna be able to hold off this many." Darrek said.

He and Rachel both aimed down the hall with their Pulse Rifles and began firing. One by one the creatures fell. Their arms and legs being severed. But they weren't killing enough. For every Necromorph killed, two replaced them.

"What the hell is taking so long, Logan?!" Darrek shouted over the roaring of the creatures.

"Hang on, I almost got it."

Time was running out. He worked on the panel as fast as he could. Then, the panel shorted out.

"AH FUCK!" Logan yelled.

He looked back and saw the creatures just about 30 feet away. He hit the door with a closed fist and sighed. This was the end. He slowly stood up and put his hand on Darrek’s shoulder.

"Darrek. It's been an honor serving with you."

Darrek looked back and smiled. "Yeah. To you too."

Then Logan went to Rachel and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry."

"Logan you did the best you could. We all did." She said.

The creatures were still advancing, slowly getting closer to hack them to pieces.

"I love you Logan." Rachel said softly.

"Love you too Rachel." Logan said back.

He looked over to the creatures that were just about upon them. He smiled malevolently.

"It's not going to end this way. We’re gonna do more than just die."

"Huh?" Darrek said, confused.

"If I'm going down, I'm gonna make sure the bastards remember my fucking name."

He took out his Pulse Rifle and began firing.


Logan was walking with Rachel down a hall. They had just got off work. They were both security officers in the same squad, and they were dating.

Rachel was 19 years old and just a bit smaller than Logan, by about half an inch. She had short brunette hair and vibrant blue eyes. Whilst Logan was also 19, and had pure white hair (due to a genetic mutation) that was short in the front and a bit longer in the back, and down the side of his head in front of his ears, often covering them. He had light hazel eyes, that, according to Rachel, always had a hint of compassion in them, which she loved, and constantly mentioned. They had met about two years ago and had started going out six months ago.

Rachel was hugging his arm as they walked down the hall.

"Logan," She said gleefully. "You know what today is?"

"Um, June 12th." Logan replied

"And what's that?" She asked.

"Oh yeah." Logan answered. "Today is the day I forgot what today is."

Rachel giggled.

"Well, it's two things."

"Awesome. The most eventful day I've ever had on the Sprawl."

She laughed again. "Well. I got promoted to sergeant."

"Oh that's great! So you'll be able to get your own squad pretty soon huh?"

"Yup. And two days until your birthday. You're gonna be 20."

He completely forgot when his birthday was. He doesn’t forget much, but for some reason, his own birthday always escapes him.

"Ah. Right."

They kept walking down the hall until they got to Logan's place.

"Well, it's late and I'm tired." Logan said. "And I'm never tired so you know it's been a long day."

Rachel leaned over and kissed him.

"Goodnight." She said.

Then she walked off down the hall towards her apartment.

Logan watched her walk off. and go around the corner. He smiled, and walked into his apartment. The door slid closed behind him. He put his weapons back in his arms locker, and walked over to a machine he called the RIGger. It was a machine that put his RIG on and took it off automatically.

After he got his night clothes on, he slid into bed and put his face in his pillow. It had been a long day. There had been multiple reports of some people going insane. People lashing out at others unprovoked. He was worried. It was just like on the colony on Aegis VII and on the Ishimura. He had visited the Ishimura for a few months and had left a week before they cracked the planet open. He went back to investigate a distress call. What he found there he wished he could forget, and he didn't want it to happen again. He tried to put the though aside and closed his eyes, eventually falling asleep.

Logan was on a beach. He was in white pants and a white shirt. He took a few steps. He felt the sand between his toes. He looked towards the mainland, but just saw the sand go off about fifty feet then fade to white. He looked up, but saw no sky, clouds, or sun. He walked along the shore, looking out to the endless sea. He could smell the salty air, hear the soft rush of the ocean, feel the water gently brush up against his feet. He didn’t know what was going on, but he enjoyed the peace. The calm ocean breeze weaved through his hair, making it drift along with the gust.

Even with its missing features, Logan knew this was Earth. His home. He could feel it. He knew this beach as well. His mother used to take him here as often as possible, when she wasn’t away on different space vessels as a medic. Logan could almost feel her by his side again, as if she was running with him like she used to, laughing joyfully while her long, flowing chestnut hair glistened in the sun.

Logan then clutched his head in pain. The landscape suddenly began to glow red, then it shined brightly and a powerful force threw him to the ground. Logan rubbed his head, and got back up and opened his eyes. It looked like he was now in a desert, but very dark. Almost pitch black. He could barely see. He looked around and saw a red glow in the distance. He squinted, trying to make out what it was, but it was too far away. He slowly walked toward it. As he got closer, he could see the sand he was treading was being coated with a blood red hue, emanating from the unknown object ahead. He continued toward the source of the foreboding light. He started to make out the shape of the object. It looked like a large monolith, with two sections twisting around each other. It was the Marker Logan realized. He stopped for a moment, and stared at it. He took a deep breath, then cautiously advanced.

He began to hear whispering, and symbols slowly started to appear in the air around the Marker. He kept going, unsure of what would happen once he reached it. He knew this Marker. He had seen it before. He had seen what it could do. He didn't know why he was so drawn to it. He would normally want to get as far away from it as possible. Being near the Marker gave him a strange feeling that he hated. A feeling he couldn‘t quite explain with words alone. It was conflicted. A sense of intrigue and wonder, in an unending war with fear and remorse. He felt a breeze of darkness sweep over him. The exact same feeling as before. A cold mist passed through him, giving him a sharp chill that ran up his spine. As he approached, the whispers got louder, and the symbols around the Marker intensified.

Then, as he stood right in front of the obelisk, everything stopped. The whispers, the symbols, all fell. He just looked up at the thing. His eyes followed the spires as they twisted around each other. He hated the Marker, but at the same time he wanted to know more about it. How it worked. Why it did what it did.

He slowly reached his hand out to the Marker. He saw his hand pass through a veil of red, only visible as his hand touched and crossed it. He reached further. His fingers nearly touching the large monument, it’s many symbols giving off a low glow that together made it’s black surface appear red. Then he made contact, and there was a bright white flash.

Logan woke up with a start. He was breathing heavily. He quickly sat up and looked over to his alarm clock. It was 12:44 am.

"Shit." He said softly.

He fell back onto his pillow and stared at the ceiling, pondering over his dream. He knew he was immune to the effects of the Marker, so why was he having these dreams? There was only one answer he could come up with, and he didn’t want to think about it.

He sighed deeply and closed his eyes again, hoping he wouldn't have any more dreams for a while.


Logan woke up to his alarm clock. It was blaring at him to get up. He really didn't want to. He had way to much to think about. That dream he had last night scared him beyond end. He reluctantly shut his alarm off and slowly sat up.

He sighed and tiredly walked to the kitchen. He picked a mug out of a cabinet and put it up to a machine that automatically poured in coffee. He lifted it up to his lips and took a sip. He put his hand on his head and leaned against the counter. He was still thinking about his dream, trying to figure out what his dream meant. He was starting to get a headache from thinking too much.

Then he heard a knock at the door. He walked over to the door, putting his coffee down on the low lying coffee table in the living room along the way. He opened the door to see Rachel. She was fully dressed for work.

"Hey Logan." She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Hey, Rachel." He replied. He was more happy than ever to see her to get his mind off the Marker.

She walked into the apartment. Logan headed into the kitchen while Rachel sat down on the couch in the living room. Less than a minute later, Logan came out with coffee for Rachel. Rachel usually always came to Logan's house early to have coffee with him, which Logan always liked. He handed Rachel the cup.

"Thanks." She said as she took a sip.

Logan sat down next to her and grabbed his coffee from the table. He looked down into the cup to see his reflection in dark brown. "Something wrong?" Rachel asked. She put her arm around him.

"Just . . . been having dreams." Logan answered. He put his coffee back on the table.

"About what?" She asked.

"Well, uh." Logan began. "You know how I told you about the colony on Aegis VII? And the Ishimura? What happened there?"

Rachel knew. Logan had told her. She tried to help him forget about it whenever he got into it. She was actually the only one who knew the truth besides him, and Logan had asked her to keep it a secret.

"Yes." She said slowly. "What about it?"

Logan decided to get straight to the point. "I . . . I think it might happen again."

Rachel's stomach plummeted and she almost dropped her cup. Based on what Logan had told her, she didn't want to witness what he had. She felt bad for him. Everything he had seen and done. She thought it must be horrible living with that.

"What makes you say that?" She asked worriedly.

"Think about it." Logan said. "It's just like I told you. People start out with insomnia and chronic schizophrenia. Not being able to sleep, hearing whispers every now and again and what-not. Then they start to see symbols around the place. Then their dementia gets worse. They start seeing symbols everywhere, they see dead relatives, hear more voices. Then they start to lose their sanity, which eventually leads to them trying to kill others for no reason, in which some cases they succeed, or they kill themselves. Or both. And these dreams I've been having about the Marker. I know I'm immune to the dementia, but I can still feel its effects. It tries to draw me in, more so through dreams. From that I can only guess that it‘s active now and sending out its signal."

The two just sat there for a few minutes, thinking about what might happen. Logan broke the silence.

"Tiedemann said he had the Marker under control. I knew I shouldn't have believed him."

The Marker that was causing Logan’s frequent dreams was in the Government Sector on board the Sprawl. Logan at first objected to building a Marker three years ago, but then realized he could study it on his own secretly. He wanted to know how it worked so he could eventually work out a way to destroy it and any other Markers that may be around.

So he let them do it. He was now regretting the decision.

They had both finished their drinks when Rachel said, "Well, we should get going."

"Yeah." Logan replied.

He stood up and walked over to the RIGger. It put on his suit automatically. A white RIG jacket with black trim and a black tribal design on the right shoulder, and white pants with two black stripes running town the sides. He walked over to his arms locker and picked up his Pulse Rifle, Seeker Rifle, and two P-Sec Pistols, all customized to his liking. Normally he’d take just his pistols, but now he was being extra careful.

He closed the locker and walked over to the door. Rachel followed him.

Logan and Rachel reached the security station. It was a facility that a section of the security force on the Sprawl went to be assigned to missions. It was pretty much the same as the one on the Aegis VII Colony, but more organized and neat. There were arms lockers and benches lining the walls, and there were large windows separating them from the vastness of space. There were personnel working on computers and others bustling about, minding their business.

Logan and Rachel both signed in, walked over to a bench, and sat down. Logan looked down at the floor. He was still thinking about the Marker, and the people being affected by it. Right now, the cases weren't too serious, but they were getting worse. Soon it was going to get disastrous.

"You okay?" Rachel asked him.

Logan looked over to her.

"Yeah," He answered. "I’m fine."

He figured Rachel knew he was lying, but she dropped the subject there. Logan didn’t want to talk about it anyway.

Logan's communicator started beeping.

"What's up?" He said into his earpiece.

It was the man who assigned missions to his sector, one of Tiedemann’s inner circle. His name was Mike Darmen.

"Logan," He began "I need you and Rachel to get to the Concourse Mall. Some sort of fighting is going on."

"All right we’re on it." Logan ended the call and stood up. "Come on, Rachel." He said.

They both walked over to an elevator and stepped in. Logan pressed a button and they went down.

Logan and Rachel arrived at the bottom level of the Concourse Mall. Logan looked over to a store that had one of its windows broken out. Shards of glass were scattered on the ground outside.

He then looked over to two men fighting. One of them was flailing wildly at the other, rambling something incoherently. The other simply had his arms up in defense. He ran over to the two and pushed himself between them.

"Hey, hey! What's going on here?"

The man to his right had a slightly battered face, with some blood trickling down his face from his forehead.

"He's fucking crazy man!" He said. "I was just picking something up when he grabbed me and threw me through the window!"

Logan looked over to his left.

"Okay what's your problem then?"

The man was just clutching his head, wandering about randomly.

"It wants us . . . it . . . it needs us to . . . to make it whole."

Logan just stared at the man. A dark feeling swept over him. The last time he heard someone say that, things didn't go so well. The people’s dementia was definitely getting worse.

"Oookay then." Logan said.

He turned to look at the man to his right and handed him some bandages.

"Here." He said. "Patch yourself up and get to the infirmary."

He turned to the man on his left.

"As for you."

He couldn't finish his sentence. He watched as the man struck Rachel in the head with a metal bar, knocking her out.

Logan ran over to the man at inhuman speed, and punched the man in the face with great force, sending the man to the floor. The man quickly recovered and ran at him, swinging the metal bar randomly around. Logan dodged the first swipe, and dodged a second. He kicked the third one, placing the bottom of his boot right to the side of the bar, repelling it back. Logan grabbed the man’s arm and brought his knee up to the elbow, breaking his arm and forcing him to drop the bar.

The man screamed but quickly came after him again. Logan picked up the bar and hit the man in the head, knocking him down. The man flailed on the ground a bit before quickly grabbing a shard of glass from the store window with his good hand and began to come at Logan again. Logan ducked under a swipe and immediately kicked the man square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and putting him to the floor. Logan stomped a foot on the man’s chest, holding him down, and took out his pistol. He shot the man right in the head without a second thought.

The man finally stopped his struggle. Blood was rushing out of the hole piercing all the way through his head, making a small puddle. Logan holstered his pistol and called the security station.

"I need a body pick up at the Concourse." He said.

He hung up before they could ask why.

He then ran over to Rachel. He knelt down next to her and looked at her injury. She was bleeding a bit, but other than that she was fine. Just a med-pack would fix her right up. He picked her up and began walking over to the elevator, toward his apartment.

He thought back to the man who had gone insane. This was serious. It was just like the colony and the Ishimura three years ago. The man just snapped and tried to kill everyone he could. Logan had no choice but to shoot him, just like he had to shoot a few people on the colony to keep everyone in line, to no avail.

The thought of having to go through all that again scared him to death.


Logan was sitting on his couch in his apartment, right across from where Rachel was lying asleep. His mind was racing. People were already starting to kill each other. He knew things would get out of hand fast, especially when the Unitologists get into it. Those people who looked up to the Marker as a divine relic that would lead them to salvation through death. Once they get into the scene EarthGov will step in as well. Even more hell will break loose.

"Ow. My head." Logan heard Rachel murmur.

Logan looked over to her.

"Oh, you're awake." He said. "How are you feeling?"

She put her hand on her head.

"Agh. Last thing I remember is some . . . metal bar. Or something."

"Yeah. Guy went crazy and hit you in the side of the head with said metal bar."


She slowly sat up. Logan wrapped his arms around her. Rachel pressed her head to his chest. She could hear his heartbeat.

"What time is it?" She asked.

Logan looked over to the clock on a side table next to the couch.

"4:19." He said. "Darmen said you could take the rest of the day off. I gotta get back to work though."

"Oh." Rachel said. "I'll just stay here then."

"Right." He said. "Get some rest, see you at nine."

"Okay." She said.

Logan leaned down and kissed her, then he headed out the door.

Logan got back to the security station. He hoped he didn't get any more calls about people going crazy. He really didn't want to deal with it.

He sat down on a bench and stared out the window into space. He stared at the majesty of Saturn. The gas giant just sitting there,

as if in a deep slumber. It's many intricate rings wrapping around the equator.

"Hey." He heard a voice say.

He looked over to see a friend. Sam Darrek.

Darrek was in Logan's squad when they were in the military. They got along well, and they stuck together ever since their first mission. He was 22 years old and a bit taller than Logan, only by about a quarter of an inch, with dark blond hair and green eyes. He had a scar on his cheek from when a bullet grazed past him in a heavy firefight on Scorpio VI.

"Oh hey, Darrek." Logan said.

Darrek sat down next to him.

"How's Rachel doing?"

"Eh, she's fine. She's at my apartment."

"Huh. I see."

They both just sat there, watching people walk by.

"Heard you shot a guy." Darrek said.

"Oh yeah. Went psycho."

"A bunch of people have been going psycho lately. Weird huh?"


Logan stared at the floor. Thinking about everything that's been going on.

"I don't like it." Darrek said.

Logan looked at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well," He began. "I can't help but feel that . . . something really bad is about to happen. I just have a bad feeling."

"Well try not to think about." Logan said. He felt like a hypocrite. "I'm gonna see what other jobs need to be done."

He got up and walked off as Darrek watched him go.

After a few more assignments, Logan headed back to his apartment. He opened the door and saw Rachel sitting on the couch. She was watching TV.

"Oh. Welcome home." She said when she saw him walk in.

"You doing okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. Much better." She answered. "There's nothing on at all."

She continuously flicked through channels. Advertisements and some bad movies were all that were on as far as Logan could tell. Maybe a good show about the history of military spacecraft was on somewhere?

Logan put his weapons in his arms locker and sat down next to her. Rachel hugged him.

"Everything okay?"

Logan stared at the ground and sighed.

"Sure, why not?"

"Still worrying about all that stuff huh?"

"Yeah." He leaned his head against her shoulder.

For a minute or so he just sat there against her, his mind still ablaze with countless thoughts and worries.

"I don't want it to happen." Rachel said in a sad voice. Logan looked at her.

"What?" He said.

"If all you said was true, and if you think it'll happen again . . . I . . ."

She looked down at the floor.

"Hey now." Logan said, putting on a reassuring smile. He put his arms around her and held her tightly. "Don't worry about it Rachel."

She looked up at him.

"How can I not? If that happens again. I mean I don't know exactly what it's like, but based on what you've told me it would be a nightmare."

"Rachel, calm down. Maybe it won't even happen. Just because the Marker started sending out a signal doesn't mean that another outbreak is going to start."

Then a thought came to him.

"Hey, wait. Have you been experiencing anything, uh . . . Weird?"

"Huh?" She said, confused. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, like. Uh . . . visions, or something. Insomnia, schizophrenia, stuff like that."

She thought about it.

"Um . . . no. Not that I can remember."

"Oh, good."

That meant she was immune to the Marker's effects as well. He was relieved. Rachel going crazy and trying to kill him would just devastate him. He loved Rachel more that anything. He couldn't stand to lose her.

"Well, it's getting late." Logan said. "Should be getting off to bed."

"Oh, yeah." Rachel said.

She shut off the TV and kissed Logan goodnight. She walked to the door.

"Hey, Logan?" She began.

"Yeah?" Logan asked. "What is it?"

"When are we going to move in together?"

"Wait, WHAT?!" Logan yelled.

"I’m just asking." Rachel said. "I mean, we’ve been together for a while now . . ."

"Well . . . Wh-where’d that come from all of a sudden?" Logan asked frantically.

"I’ve been wondering for a while now actually." Rachel responded. "Just decided to come out and say it."

Logan’s face started to turn red.

"I . . . um . . ."

Rachel began to laugh.

"What the hell is so funny?!" Logan said.

Rachel continued to laugh hysterically, holding her stomach.

"Cut it out!" Logan said.

"I’m sorry." She said, still laughing. "But . . . You always go out guns blazing into danger without a second thought, but you get freaked out by the thought of me moving in with you!"

She broke out laughing again.

"It’s not funny!" Logan said.

"What?" Rachel said. "Of all things commitment scares you?"

"No!” Logan retaliated. "It’s just . . ." He looked down at the floor. "Um . . . I just . . ."

Rachel laughed again.

"Well all right then." She said between laughing. "I’ll let you think about it then."

Rachel stepped through the door and it slid closed behind her.

Logan laid down on the couch.

"That girl," He said to himself. "Always putting me on the spot."

But that was one of the things she loved about her. She was completely straightforward, just like he was. Although he was betting the only reason she really asked was because her mother was wondering when she was going to be a grandparent. He guessed his mother would have done the same thing if she was still alive.

He sat up, thinking about Rachel. How would she take it if another outbreak occurred? What would Logan do if she was killed? If she was killed . . . He couldn't even think of it.

He got off the couch and walked over to his RIGger and got his night clothes on. He shut everything off and climbed into bed. He threw the covers over himself and stared at the ceiling.

At this point he was just waiting for it to happen. He already knew it would. It was just a matter of when. He slowly started to drift off into sleep, with the Marker on his mind.


Logan was awakened by an alarm. A soft orange hue lit up his room. He opened his eyes and groaned. He looked around. "What the hell?" He said.

The entire area was running on auxiliary power. Only essential systems like life support had power. The only thing in his apartment that was still running was the RIGger, which ran on it’s own power source when without power from the station.

Still half asleep, he rubbed his eyes.

"What’s going on now?" He asked himself.

The Sprawl barely ever had a power outage anywhere. Only when some engineer makes a mistake and cuts a wire is when power goes out to a section of the station. Then there was that one time the Sprawl’s computer system ANTI went haywire and the engineers had to perform a force shutdown of all systems and switch to manual operation.

He then heard noises from outside. His head whipped toward the source of the noises. He could hear footsteps of people running. Then he heard a woman screaming, a roar over that, the sound of liquid splattering on the floor. Then a thump. They were sounds Logan knew too well.

A surge of cold rushed through him.

"Oh, shit." He said.

He bolted out of bed and into the RIGger. After his RIG was on, he rushed over to his arms locker. He picked up his weapons, including a custom Plasma Cutter. A mining tool he had grown attached to while fighting on the Ishimura.

Originally designed to cleanly slice through hard substances for mining excavations, the super heated ionized gas packed into a quarter meter cutting charge worked extremely well in fighting the creatures on the godforsaken vessel.

Logan then ran to the door, and opened it. He was immediately set upon by a creature.

It had a humanoid form, but it had blades coming out of the palms of it’s hands and its entire body was mutated in many ways. It had human arms coming out of it’s torn open abdomen. It’s feet were stubs with three "toes". It’s face looked mostly human, with sharp uneven teeth sticking out of it‘s mouth. It’s skin was pale and covered in blood. The thing had pinned Logan to the ground, trying to bite at his neck.

Logan held his hands against it’s head and chest, pushing back as hard as he could. The creature roared at him as it tried to push itself down. Logan placed his foot on its abdominal area and kicked the creature off. It recovered quickly, jumping up off the ground and onto its feet, and made a lunge at him. Logan rolled out of the way just as it stabbed at the ground with it‘s blade.

Logan placed a foot on the ground and pivoted around, using the other foot to kick the creature hard in the side, sending it to the ground. Logan quickly backed up as the thing roared and got back up by placing it’s blades behind it and raising it’s body up. The beast straightened itself out and charged at Logan again.

It swung a blade at his head and he dodged. He cut off the offending arm with his Plasma Cutter. The thing staggered back and screeched. Logan cut off the other arm, then kicked it hard in the chest which sent it flying back into a wall. It fell to the floor, twitching a bit before dying.

Logan rubbed the back of his neck.

"Lovely" He said.

His communicator started beeping. He answered the call and was greeted by a holographic resonant of Hans Tiedemann, the man who ran the Sprawl. A man for which Logan had no real concern for. Logan knew from the moment they met that they wouldn't get along well. Logan usually never followed orders from Tiedemann directly, but when he did, he always did it his own way, which usually involved an explosion of some sort, just to get him angry.

"Tiedemann! What's going on? How the hell did Necromorphs get on the Sprawl?"

"That is not important at the moment, Mr. Taylor." Tiedemann said with a straight face.

"Oh other than the fact that people are getting slaughtered everywhere. No, no you‘re right, it‘s not important at all." Logan said sarcastically.

"I need you to get to the Government Sector."

Logan stared at him. "What?" He said. "Go to Gov Sec? Are you insane? There may be other people here who need our help! Shouldn't we try to save them?"

"Residential is already lost, Logan. I am ordering you to get back to the Government Sector."

Logan just looked at him. "You have got to be kidding me. This is your station, Tiedemann! You’re just gonna let these people die while you lounge back at the Government Sector? Well I’m not."

"This is not up for discussion, Mr. Taylor." Tiedemann's voice was starting to rise.

Logan simply replied. "Fuck off."


Logan cut the transmission. He couldn't believe Tiedemann. He was supposed to be helping these people. Logan clenched his fists. "When I get my hands on him . . ."

Logan decided to call another security officer. "Gabe? Gabe Weller, come in." He got static. "Agh. Come on!" Then he got a signal.

"Logan. Is that you?" Gabe said on the other line.

"No I just stole his RIG and credentials, of course it’s me."

"And the cocky attitude confirms it." He said with a slight laugh. "What’s going on up there? I hear there’s a station-wide emergency."

"Well, yeah that’s the problem." Logan said. "Gabe, where are you?"

"Down in the mines." Gabe responded. "Why? What’s going on?"

"Gabe I need you to get out of there as fast as you can." Logan said.

"Wait, what?" Gabe asked. "Why?"

"Gabe." Logan said with his voice starting to rise. "Now. You don’t have much time. Lexine is in danger as well."

"Shit. I hear something." Gabe said.

"Gabe get out of there!"

"Something’s coming." Gabe said. "What the hell? Logan my entire squad is being wiped out!”

Logan heard a roar over the communication, follow shortly by gunfire. Shortly after, Gabe returned to him.

"Logan." He said, highly alarmed. "They’re back."

"Yes, I know." Logan said. "Gabe, listen, you need to get to Lexine and make sure she‘s safe, then contact me so I can meet up with you."

"Okay, I’ll try." Gabe said.

The communication ended.

Logan didn't know what to do. He was in the middle of an outbreak, people were dying all around him, he didn't know where Rachel was . . .


Logan ran down the hall, trying to contact Rachel. "Rachel? Rachel, are you there?!" He was just getting static. "Come on. Come on!" He couldn't get a hold of her. "DAMMIT!"

He stopped running. He heard voices. He looked around and toward where they were coming from. Down the hall ahead of him. He began to follow them. He ran after the sounds until he came across a corridor. He saw two security officers ahead. They were looking at the body of another security officer.

"Hey!" Logan said.

They looked in his direction.

"Who are you?" One of them said.

Logan walked up to them. "Logan Taylor, Earth Defense Force Military."

"Oh." Said the one on the left. "We're on our way to the Government Sector. You're coming with us?"

"What? No, no way." Logan said.

"But it's Tiedemann's orders." Said the one on the right.

"Screw Tiedemann's orders. We're supposed to be helping these people. It‘s our job."

"Heh, no way man." Said the one on the left. His voice was shaky. "I'm getting the hell out of here. I don't know what the fuck is going on but I'd rather be in Gov Sec than here. You can stay and die if you want."

The man began to run.

"You coming?" He said to the other.

The other officer stood with Logan.

"He's right Don." He said.

"Fuck, Lars are you insane?!" Don said. "These things are everywhere! They're gonna kill us if we don't get out of here! They-"

Just then, a Necromorph burst out of a ceiling vent. It was a humanoid torso with it’s legs entwined, forming a sharp bladed tail at the end. It had two large fangs on it’s upper jaw, and two smaller fangs on the lower jaw. The thing landed on the ground just behind Don and sliced his head off with it's tail blade. Don’s body slowly slumped to the ground.

"DON!" Lars screamed.

He fired furiously at the creature with his Pulse Rifle. The beast jumped at him and clawed at his chest, making a deep gash through his suit. It reared back and impaled Lars through the chest with it's tail, then threw the man behind it. He was dead before he hit the ground.

"AW, CHRIST!" Logan yelled, as the creature jumped at him.

Logan sidestepped the thing and kicked it in the side. It landed on it’s back and quickly flipped back over. It reared back and jumped again. Logan dodged it again and shot off its tail as it passed. It hit the ground and writhed around. It found footing and started to sprint toward him.

Logan walked up to meet it and kicked it in the face. It flipped over and landed on it’s back. Logan lifted his foot up and brought it down on the thing’s head. It’s skull crushed under his boot. The creature was dead.

Logan looked over to the bodies of the two officers. One without a head, and one with a large gash and a hole through its chest. Blood soaked the floor where they lied. "Crap." Logan said.

His communicator started beeping again. He answered the call. "Logan?" He heard Darrek's voice say.

"Darrek! Where are you? Are you okay?" He could hear gunshots in the background.

"No, not really. We got a- AGH! . . . Um, got a bit of a problem here."

Logan normally would have made a sarcastic and snappy remark on that, but this was no situation.

"Who's with you?" He said instead.

He heard more gunshots, and roaring Necromorphs.

"Um . . . we got Allen Miller, and Dave Mitchel, and Lucy Marca is on her way . . . oh, and Rachel is here too."

"Rachel is there?" Logan said. "Put her on!"

"Okay. Here."

He heard some static, then Rachel's voice. "Logan. You okay?"

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Um . . . yeah, sort of."

"Where are you?"

"We're at the transport hub."

Logan immediately started running in that direction. "Okay, I'll be there soon. Hang in there okay?"

"Yeah." She replied. "Oh, hang on, Sam wants to talk to you again."

Static, then Darrek. "Logan. Don’t mean to be a bother or anything but, um . . . how do you kill these things? They just keep coming and we're losing ground."

"Okay Darrek, listen. You have to dismember them. Cut off their arms, legs, whatever else they have. That's the only way to put them down." He heard more roaring and gunshots.

"Okay." He began talking to the others with him. "LISTEN UP GUYS! YOU GOTTA DISMEMBER THEM TO TAKE THEM OUT!" He turned back to Logan. "Thanks man. Hey hurry up will ya? We can't stay here for long."

"Okay." Logan said. "Take care of Rachel for me okay?"

"Well if I don’t, you’ll kill me before these things do, so I guess I don’t have much of a choice now do I?"

"Damn right you don’t. I’ll be there soon." Logan ended the call and kept running.

Logan was relieved that Rachel was okay. He couldn't wait to see her.