What do you appreciate most about the Dead Space series? I personally love the futuristic setting, the storyline, and, of course, the horror. I had absolutely no interest in the horror genre before Dead Space. I decided to give it a try (for reasons I can't recall), scared out of my mind, I played through the game. By the time the second playthrough was over, I had complete grasp on the game, and I wasn't afraid anymore. I got Extraction as well, which, really wasn't scary in the least, but it did add an interesting piece in the Dead Space storyline. When I caught word of Dead Space 2, I was all over it. I preordered it more than half a year before it was going to come out. I wasn't nearly as timid as I was with the first Dead Space, since I now knew the threat I was facing, and I knew how to fight. Although some moments definitely did make me jump. I appreciate many aspects of the series. The gameplay is solid, the storyline is compelling, the music is beautiful, and the horror is adrenaline fueling. I love this seried and I am looking forward to future installments in all forms of media.