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New to the Dead Space franchise or need a refresher before playing Dead Space 3? When last we left Isaac Clarke, he had survived two Necromorph infestations brought on by the mysterious Markers encountered in Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Isaac now makes an attempt to find answers behind Unitology and the Necromorphs by exploring an old government base on Tau Volantis.
The Story So Far:

Tau Volantis
Dead Space 3 deviates dramatically from its predecessors in its expansive environments. Where both Dead Space 2, and Dead Space in particular, utilized confined spaces and tight hallways to great effect, Dead Space 3 offers a much larger and icy world to explore. Naturally, the characters exploring Tau Volantis will encounter some of the planet's wildlife transformed into deadly and hideous necromorphs.

Exploring the World

The hideous zombie-like reanimated dead are back. Dead Space 3 features many of the familiar Necromorphs from previous games (such as Pukers and Lurkers), as well as a few unique monstrosities, including The Nexus, shown in several trailers.
New Necromorphs

The Dead Space series is known for its innovative dismemberment combat system that requires players hack necromorphs apart to kill them. Isaac Clarke uses any and all tools at his disposal, primarily mining equipment, giving the game a realistic and unique gameplay feel. Dead Space 3 continues this trend, while also offering up some unique weaponry to assault the necromorphs and the ability to craft weapon improvements.
Notable Weapons

While the general gameplay of Dead Space 3 remains consistent with previous games, perhaps the most significant difference in the latest entry if the inclusion of a fully cooperative story mode. While the first player always control Issac Clarke, a friend can drop-in at any time to control John Carver. No AI will take over when playing alone, so to get the entire gameplay and story experience, be sure to play with friends.
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