Okay, being one of those people who uses all base stuff for playthrough one and the spiffy stuff on subsequent plays, i decided to make the best Military style weapon that was contrained by two things: first was that it could not use anything but baseline parts, no MKV or MKII anything. second, was that it had to be based on some existing military set up. after much careful consideration, i would try for an M4A1 carbine with undermounted masterkey shotgun. naturally, i started with the heavy standard frame and military engine. i added on the spread fire assault rifle tip to better emulate the M4A1s shakiness and a scope on top because the M4 usually comes with a sight of some kind. i kinda bolted on the military engine on bottom and attached the conic dispersal. i used various circuits of both +/- varieties to have as close to 30 rounds in the rifle and 5 in the shotgun. I put 5 in the shotgun because the tube of the masterkey that my dad showed me held 4 shells but he also showed me that if you left the last shell in the breech and loaded the original four in, you could have an extra. i mostly added damage and clip circuits to the rifle and speed circuits fo the shotgun because he showed me that you can pump a shotgun much faster then in the movies. once it was finished, i tested it in the WCA agaisnt several necromorphs. Full auto fire became inaccurate quickly but that was to be expected. the shotgun did help in close quarters, naturally, but i discovered that a volley of AR fire at one target at medium range, followed by a pivot and a shotgun blast to a point blank enemy followed by another pivot and a burst of AR fire at a different foe. it was shockingly effective, even by my lower then average standards. for playthrough 2, i rebuilt it with MKV parts and a heavy elite frame for the added stat bonuses. After i found the MKV rail accelerator, i built the same weapon with the RA instead of the AR tip.