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Graphic Uxor

Uxor viewed from the USG Perseus.

Uxor was an EarthGov colony planet and the location of Marker Shroud 4.[1]


Uxor was first inhabited by humans at some point during the Sovereign Colonies era.[2]

Necromorph Outbreak[]

Marker Shroud 4 01

The Red Marker Shroud 4 facility on Uxor's surface.

In 2514, the Circle, led by Jacob Arthur Danik, launched an attack on Uxor to "liberate" the Red Marker underneath Shroud 4. They destroyed the facilities and surrounding structures, which exposed the Marker. The Marker subsequently activated and unleashed a surge of electromagnetic energy powerful enough to shut down the flight control system of a ship in orbit, which crashed near the residential district. A Necromorph outbreak ensued following the activation of the Marker and began attacking the survivors. 

Known Inhabitants[]


  • Uxor has a mass of 5.9736x1024kg and a mean radius of 6,371km making it, oddly enough, a planet of the same size and mass as Earth.
  • Uxor means "wife" in Latin.[3][4]


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