Valery Dietz
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June 17, 2314

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Valery Dietz was the Captain of the CMS Terra Nova during the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces expedition to Tau Volantis in 2311.



Events of 2311 and 2314Edit

During the excavation of the Markers and alien artifacts on the planet, the Terra Nova was one of the ships used to store the specimens found in the ruins. Dietz, largely unfamiliar with the nature of the material being brought to her ship inquired about how to deal with them. When she received no clear answer from Admiral Marjorie Graves, she continued to have them stored in the cargo hold.[1]

Eventually, things on the planet began to deteriorate. Unpredictable storm weather kept Dietz and her crew up on constantly working sleepless nights. Her crewmen are feeling tense from the arrival of the artifacts. Dietz also had to deal with the complaints of headaches and loss concentration among some of them and speculation about the flotilla's true reason for being on the planet.[2] Eventually, the bodies of the dead soldiers are brought up onto the Terra Nova for "safe keeping"[3] which put her pilot, Tucker Edwards on edge.

When a Necromorph outbreak occurred across all of the ships and the planet, General Spencer Mahad ordered a "Scenario Five" contingency. All of the personnel are ordered to kill their fellow shipmates. A tearful Dietz tried to kill Edwards, knowing that someone else would do it if she did not. However, Edwards shot and killed her first, vowing to make anyone who tried to kill him "sorry" as well.[4] Eventually, Edward came to fell remorse over her death,[4] finally understanding why she and the rest of the team was willing to follow Scenario Five, and killed himself.[4]

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  • The recording was made in the same room she had died in, though there is no body to be found.  Meaning she had been turned into a Necromorph.
  • She attempted to kill Edwards before any soldiers showed up, implying she cared for Edwards.
  • Judging from the blood spatter opposite the recording location, she was facing Edwards who was sitting inside the tram control station when she died.


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