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"Ishimura, this is the survey shuttle Vestri. Come in, Ishimura."
—Warren Eckhardt[1]

The Vestri was a survey shuttle from the USG Ishimura. Warren Eckhardt used this shuttle to land on the Aegis 7 colony a few days before planet crack and to escape the colony during the Necromorph Infection along with Nathan McNeill, Lexine Murdoch and Gabe Weller.[2] After escaping the colony and the Hive Mind the shuttle tried to dock on the Ishimura but was fired upon by the ADS cannons in an attempt to uphold the no fly order. Gabe Weller crash-landed the damaged shuttle on the ship's hull where they abandoned it and entered the ship through a maintenance airlock two hundred meters from where the shuttle crashed. The crash disrupted one of the Ishimura's cannons, which later Nathan had to go and shut off by hand.

The shuttle had a similar design to the Kellion, with the addition of a cannon bubble built of to the port bow, attached to the large cockpit window. The Vestri held 4 survey suits near the rear in lockers. After the shuttle crashed, debris was floating around the crash site, some pieces looked like booster engines or engine columns, making it seem like the Vestri lost its engines on impact. The shuttle is not seen for the rest of the game, but when you are scaling the outer hull to the cannon room, a bright glare can be seen over the wall farther on, possibly being the remains of the shuttle.


  • The Vestri, along with the Ishimura's Crew Deck, is where Chapter 4: Rendezvous With Fate of Dead Space: Extraction takes place.
  • The Vestri's involvement is entirely omitted from the film Dead Space: Downfall. 
  • The Vestri had four Astro Suit RIG's used for surveying.[1]
  • It had two Asteroid Defense System Cannons used to clear out Asteroids.[1]
  • According to Eckhardt it was worth a fortune.[1]
  • The name Vestri is derived from Nordic Mythology where, in the Prose Edda, Vestri was one of four dwarves who supported the four cardinal points (or directions) in the Heavenly Dome. Translated from ancient Icelandic, Vestri literally means "Western", referencing the direction said dwarf supported.
  • With the Vestri being in a solo docking park, this shows the possibility of other Shuttles docked around the colony.