Vintage Suit
Production History

Protection Rating

15% damage resistance


  • 20 inventory slots
  • 10% discount for items in the Store
The Vintage Suit is a suit obtainable in Dead Space 2. Wearing it provides Isaac with a resistance to 15% damage, 20 inventory slots and a 10% discount for all items in the Store. Despite its bulky appearance, it does not slow Isaac down.


It is an old, antiquated CEC suit, consisting of a bulky brown space suit and a folding utility space helmet, as well as other various equipment, including an oxygen tank on the left shoulder plate, a heads-up display/holographic projector on the sternum, and a calculator on the left sleeve. The suit possesses various other tools necessary for a space walk.
Compared to later models, all of the above are noticeably outdated; for example, rather than being integrated inside of the suit, the oxygen tank is clearly visible on the outside.



The schematic can be found in a Power Node locked room early on in Chapter 8. If not picked up here it will be added to the store automatically in a later chapter. It can be purchased for 40'000 credits.


  • The suit's appearance is based partly on present-day EVA space suits and partly on old-fashioned deep diving suits. Isaac is wearing an under-armor jumpsuit covering his entire body, which is used to protect soft tissue from moving parts inside the suit and the heat of working in it under stressful situations, such as during EVA.
  • Unlike other suits in Dead Space 2, the Vintage Suit only has thrusters on the feet, not the scapulas. It doesn't affect mobility in Zero-G, however.
  • This suit features a Bio-sign monitoring system, it's unknown if the Vintage Suit canonically had this system or if this particular Vintage Suit has simply been retrofitted with one.
  • In the Transport Hub, where the player meets up with Ellie and Stross, a Vintage Suit can be found on display behind a glass window at the CEC store, and that place is in fact where the Schematic for the Elite Vintage Suit can be found in New Game+.
  • Some players have noted that the Vintage Suit slightly resembles the Rosie Big Daddy diving suit from Bioshock.
  • This is the only suit that has a head cover going over Isaac's head, also known as a "Snoopy Cap". The helmet of the Vintage Suit also unfolds from behind then expands to fully cover Isaac's head, unlike other suits which has a face-mask helmet design.
  • Since none of the RIGs in Dead Space 3 (which are over 200 years old) have a visible oxygen tank, the Vintage Suit may be the oldest RIG in the series and one of the first RIGs to use oxygen. The suit's rusted and bulky appearance also indicates that it's very old.



Isaac putting on the Antique Vintage RIG

Isaac putting on the Antique Vintage RIG

Isaac putting on the Antique/Vintage Suit

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