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"Eckhardt screwed us good, didn't he? If a CEC director could go that bad... Maybe the whole company's rotten to the core. Just like Aegis VII."
—First Officer D. White[1]

Warren Eckhardt was the Executive Director of Colonial Mining Affairs for the CEC and secretly a devout member of the Church of Unitology, responsible for seeding believers throughout the USG Ishimura prior to its mission to Aegis VII.

Eckhardt was the main human antagonist of Dead Space: Extraction.


Little was known about Eckhardt's early life other than that he was a CEC executive and a high-ranking one at that job, being trusted with some of the company's biggest secrets. He was also a member of the Church of Unitology, holding the rank of Overseer. He was responsible for posting a large amount of Unitologists to the USG Ishimura for its mission on Aegis VII, including Captain Benjamin Mathius and Dr. Terrence Kyne.[2] Eckhardt himself also embarked on the Ishimura, being granted executive clearance aboard the ship by Captain Mathius.[3]

The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

"You can't seriously think the Marker is responsible for this."
—Eckhardt to Nathan McNeill during the Necromorph outbreak.

Eckhardt had gone down to the Aegis VII Colony before the Necromorphs' attack. He was found by Nathan McNeill, Lexine Murdoch and Gabe Weller after one of the colony's shuttles crashed and destroyed all of the remaining shuttles. Fortunately, Eckhardt informed the three that he had his own private shuttle, the Vestri, and joined them in reaching his transport.

DSE Eckhardt Church Message

Eckhardt records a video message to "Enigma Lange" of the Church of Unitology.

After boarding the Ishimura, he attempted to hide his faith from his fellow survivors to the extent that, when he was left alone with Karen Howell who knew about his faith, he allowed her to be killed by a Drag Tentacle. He later lied that she had sacrificed herself to save them.

However, Eckhardt's position and mission as a devout Unitologist were eventually revealed to the group. His real intention for being on Aegis VII was also revealed: he intended to find someone who could resist the influence of the Marker that plagued human beings with dementia and schizophrenia. As the group did not experience hallucinations whenever Lexine was with them, Eckhardt believed that she possessed this immunity and had to be taken to the Church so she could protect others from it.

After Weller discovered Eckhardt's secret, the executive shot him in order to cover his tracks. Before he was able to reveal any further details of his plans to Weller, Eckhardt was attacked from behind by a Leaper and was mauled to death.


Howell: "Shoot it! For God's sake!"
Eckhardt: "No, doctor. My god has very different plans."
—Eckhardt leaves Dr. Karen Howell to be killed by a Necromorph tentacle.
DSE Eckhardt Shoots Weller

Eckhardt prepares to shoot Gabe Weller with his Divet.

Being a somewhat delicate man, Eckhardt was not a fighter. He had a certain higher air to himself, often citing his "executive clearance" and talking down to lesser CEC personnel. When things went awry, he tended to blame others for his shortcomings.

It was known that Eckhardt's rank in the Church was Overseer, as it was mentioned in his radio transmission reporting his findings to "Enigma Lange". He was obviously very much trusted by the Church, seeing as they sent him to recover a subject like Lexine Murdoch as revealed in the same transmission. During his argument with Gabe Weller following this reveal, Eckhardt stated that he was "not an arrogant man", but instead "merely devout".

A running gag in Extraction is that Warren is always a dead weight being carried by the others, and by extension, by the player. The only time he effectively helps the party is when directing them to his private shuttle, giving them a chance to escape from Aegis VII. When Warren finally betrays Gabe and has to fend off all by himself, he is killed by the Necromorphs in mere seconds, giving a bit of humour to an otherwise very somber prequel.


  • Eckhardt was voiced by and modelled after Jon Cartwright.
  • Eckhardt appears in Dead Space 2 in the "Previously on Dead Space" video.
  • The first letter in the name of each of the game's chapters spelled out in order: W.A.R.R.E.N. L.I.E.S. This forshadowed the fact that Warren was a Unitologist on a secret mission and he had switched out most of the Ishimura's crew with Unitologists. He also lied to Gabe Weller regarding Karen Howell's fate. The phrase is most likely an easter egg reference as well to Warren Ellis, co-writer of the first game, and possibly the inspiration for the character's name.