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Waystation is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3.


Located in the snowy fields near the SCAF Central Command on Tau Volantis, the waystation (formally RS 9) served as a vital element of the Sovereign Colonies' radio network across Tau Volantis. Operated by the 41st Engineering Brigade, it was supposed to form a vital element of supply efforts by linking the Command sector with Supply Depot 212, but was lost with nearly all hands after ration shortages caused the soldiers to cannibalize infected flesh, turning en masse into feeders. Samuel Ackerman was the sole survivor, and evacuated the waystation after sealing access to the lower levels.

In 2514, two hundred years later, the facility gained a new lease on life briefly, as Isaac Clarke and John Carver used its surviving Suit Kiosks to replace their damaged suits with SCAF arctic survival gear. It was also the final resting place of Austin Buckell, who was left behind without an arctic survival uniform or even a sheet to keep him warm, as the dormant Brother Moon's dementia influence started affecting Clarke's team that landed on the planet.


Located in the middle of a snowy plain, at the entrance to the windy cliffs overlooking the Central Command complex, the waystation consisted of two distinct levels. On the surface, it was a reinforced facility with a common room, communications station, and pump workshop that formed an integral part of the S.C.A.F Pipeline and, in fact, permitted it to operate properly. Hospitality Unit 213 was located between it and the Supply Depot. An elevator in the common room connected it to the underground floor, where facilities for the waystation's garrison were located. At the top of the waystation, a radio mast was erected as a radio relay.

The underground section was a standard prefabricated design. The elevator exited into the main corridor with two suit kiosks that allowed for soldiers to quickly suit up before deployment (and, in fact, had an active sensor that would prohibit egress without a snow suit). It was divided into two primary sections: The barracks and the pump station. The barracks, located just left from the elevator, contained a small kitchen with an adjacent pantry (carved out from ice to conserve power and provide inexpensive refrigeration), through which lay the main mess hall. Next to the mess hall was the washroom, where soldiers would be able to clean themselves. Beyond that were the bunks and main room, with an adjacent officer quarters (affectionately termed "hard ass" by the soldiers, in graffiti on their door), and laundry room for cleaning uniforms.

The pump station beyond was an element of the pipeline and included two separate pumps, controlled by a single generator, and operated from a control room located above them and overlooking the central area. An adjacent room converted water into steam and served as auxiliary storage chambers.

Outside the waystation was the security checkpoint, granting access to the cliffs, where soldiers could reach Central Command.