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Weaver was Franco Delille's superior. He remained in contact with Franco in Dead Space: Ignition, usually to send Franco off to repair the system failures in Titan Station.

History Edit

He ordered Franco Delille to head to the CEC Facility in order to repair a malfunctioned door, assisted by Sarah Andersyn. Weaver later contacted the duo and announced that something very bad happened during the time that the duo are repairing the solar panel. An "outbreak" of sorts occurred, although Weaver did not specify what kind of outbreak that he was referring to due to lack of details. Weaver called Franco back to warn him that he was now aware about the danger and the creatures are popping up all over the Sprawl. Weaver ordered him to head to a public sector and repair a lighting failure to help security fight off the creatures.

Hostage Situation Edit

Weaver called and told Franco to quarantine the lower sectors which shocked both him and Sarah. Franco did not want to do it because people are down there, but Sarah reluctantly convinced him that it came from a higher power and losing 10% of the population was better than everyone.

Spacewalk: Franco radioed Weaver and asked him to open the airlock, but Weaver apologized and refused, saying that he was not authorized. Franco proceeded to hack the airlock. Sarah suffocated before he was done. Franco dragged her inside and tried to revive her with CPR, but it was too late. Franco received another message on his personal device reading "HE AWAITS". Weaver radioed Franco, telling him to return to the public sectors to repair the fire extinguisher systems. Franco refused and vowed revenge on Weaver before destroying his radio. He proceeded alone to the hospital.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Weaver may be an homage to the actress Sigourney Weaver, who plays the character Ellen Ripley in Alien, one of the movie series that inspired the Dead Space franchise.