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"I don't know how much gas they took in. I just saw them change. That crack when... when their lungs burst out like flowers..."
Elizabeth Cross[1]

Wheezers are stationary Necromorph forms which generate and exhale poisonous gases.


DSR Wheezer Concept

Concept art of the Wheezer in Dead Space (2023).

DSR Wheezer Close Up

A close-up of a Wheezer.

Wheezers are a type of Necromorph encountered in the sixth chapter of Dead Space and Dead Space (2023). The Wheezers are responsible for poisoning the air, and all must be killed in order to gain access to the food storage container the Leviathan resides in.

They resemble humans more than any of the other Necromorph species, except for their lungs, which are many times the normal size of human lungs and located outside of their body, taking up most of their back. They are constantly in a kneeling position, because their arms and legs are fused together, and as a result are incapable of any type of movement. A distinct strained breathing sound can be heard in the vicinity of a Wheezer, hence the name. They are most likely the "terraformers" of any Necromorph ecosystem.

Wheezers are virtually harmless; while being in the same room as them drains the player's oxygen, they lack any offensive capability and can be dispatched quickly. They are often alone, and the only true threat is multiple dangerous Necromorphs that you fight before and after dealing with them.

Two Wheezers are seen in Dead Space 3 in the Archaeology Warehouse. Isaac and Carver must kill them in order to proceed with their mission as they are poisoning a section of the warehouse.


  • No strategy is needed for the Wheezers, as they are mostly harmless to the player. They should still be dealt with fast, as their gas can cause Isaac to suffocate to death, as it fills up the room that the player is in, and only dissipates when the Wheezer is eliminated.
    • In the original Dead Space, a simple foot-stomp will save ammunition (barring the one out of reach inside the nutrient vat, where a firearm is needed.)
    • However, one should be wary of either the enemies that are faced prior to killing the Wheezer or the enemies that come after the Wheezer is dealt with.

Dead Space (2008)[]

  • Never use a Line Gun's alternate fire on the Wheezer or any other immobile Necromorphs, such as the immature Guardian, as the mine will detonate instantly, and deal no damage.
  • Don't try to kill a Wheezer with the Flamethrower, because it won't work, as if you were in a vacuum.
  • Kinesis can also be used. Ammo, various objects, even bits of smashed containers; all cause damage when shot with Kinesis. With 3-4 blasts, the Wheezer dies with no loss of ammo. Oddly though explosives don't kill them instantly, like most other Necromorphs.
  • Stasis, though applicable on Wheezers, does not really provide much usefulness, as the gas it emanates is an environmental property and could not be slowed down with stasis; the one situation in which one may want to use stasis is to observe the breathing pattern (animation) if the energy would be unneeded otherwise.


  • Wheezers are the only Necromorphs in Dead Space that do not attack Isaac directly. However, the poison they generate will still harm him.
  • Unlike other Necromorphs, Wheezers completely and utterly ignore any and all human presence around them, probably because of their immobility and non-combat purpose rendering them incapable of interacting with prey.
  • Wheezers are one of the three Necromorph types which did not make an appearance in Dead Space 2 but reappeared in Dead Space 3, in the optional mission "Archeology" with their models and coding re-used from the first game.
  • A Wheezer is a non-physics based enemy that is essentially similar to a lock fuse in that it, when attacked, will play an animation and be replaced by a damaged version of the original and must be damaged in order to progress through the game. Kinesis cannot be used on the corpse; neither can it be moved by walking into it or using any weapon on it. Unlike most Necromorphs, Wheezers cannot be dismembered in any way.
  • In Dead Space (2023), Wheezers initially seem invulnerable to all weapon fire; however, this is not the case, as enough sustained damage will eventually cause them to die (this is easiest with the Hand Cannon due to its high damage and unlimited ammunition). However, you still need to approach the creatures and inject them with the enzyme for the mission objective to complete.

Death Scene[]


Dead Space - Wheezer Death

Isaac's death by the Wheezer.