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Witness Suit
Witness suit DS3
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The Witness Suit is a Dead Space 3 RIG suit and a part of the "Witness the Truth" bundle, originally only available to those who pre-order the Limited Edition of the game. It can now be purchased separately, along with its matching weapon: the Evangelizer.

The Witness Suit, like all DLC RIGs, is available from the first Suit Kiosk on the CMS Roanoke.

Description Edit

"An insulated, graffiti-covered suit worn by a S.C.A.F. deep dig team assigned to exhume the darkest secrets of Tau Volantis."
—Suit Kiosk description

The suit is a basic reskin of the Arctic Survival Suit but features Marker Symbols and a blue and black color scheme with blue visor for Isaac and a red and black color pattern with red visor for Carver. It should be noted that in addition Carver's suit boasts less and different markings. Highly insulated to protect the S.C.A.F (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces) from the harsh environment of Tau Volantis, it has been branded head to toe in strange symbols, a physical reminder of what the dig team discovered below the icy surface of the planet. Like the Arctic Survival Suit, the Witness Suit is an evolution of the standard snow suit.[1]



  • Unlike the Zealot suit or the Advanced Unitologists RIG, the Witness suit lacks any suit bonus, due to RIGs in Dead Space 3 having shared upgrades.



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