Zealot Suit
Production History

Protection Rating

15% damage resistance


  • 15 inventory slots
  • +5% damage to Force Guns
The Zealot Suit is based on the Tank RIG from Dead Space - both having Marker Symbols, although the Zealot Suit's colouring is drastically different. As with all of the suits in Dead Space 2, the Zealot Suit has thrusters located on the shoulders and legs of the suit, and the helmet can fold into several different sections and be stored in the suit's holographic projectors. Isaac is first able to wear this suit in Chapter 1. It can also be used in Dead Space 2: Severed


The Zealot Suit has some mild changes from the original Security Suit. Some key differences being:

  • Red/white/black color scheme.
  • Absent markings of any known Sprawl Security unit.
  • Being covered in Marker Symbols and common graffiti patterns.


  • It gives +15% armor, 15 inventory slots and +5% damage when using the Zealot Force Gun. Remember: acquiring a suit with a higher amount of inventory slots and/or percentage of armor will make these better stats carry over to any other suit you wear.
  • It is only available to those who bought the Collector's Edition copy of the game.
  • This suit is also available for multiplayer, but confers no bonus.
  • The Zealot Force Gun is not in Multiplayer for balance reasons, as it would give an unfair advantage over the Necromorph team at early levels.
  • In Dead Space, the Tank suit also sported Marker Symbols. Then, in Dead Space 3, the Witness Suit (Exclusive to Limited Edition holders and those who buy the Witness the Truth Bundle) bore the same markings, making the suits unique appearance a sort of recurring tradition.
  • In the game files, the suit is referred as the "Collector's suit".


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