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"As you know, the Ishimura is able to set its gravity locally. Your grav-boots will kick in when you enter a zero-g area."
Zach Hammond[1]

Zero-Gravity Boots are part of C.E.C. Engineer and Astronaut RIGs.


Zero-Gravity Boots allow C.E.C. Engineers to maneuver Zero Gravity workspaces and environments; similar, if not identical boots are integrated in Astro Suit RIGs for various personnel. They appear to have some sort of advanced technology that allows them to cling to any surface they land on, possibly through the use of magnetism or artificial gravitational manipulation.

With the boots equipped, an individual simply must locate a suitable location to land on and then jump towards it; they will slowly travel to their desired location, though debris can inflict injury in the event of a collision.[2][note 1] In the event that a suitable location is not available, it is possible to maneuver to a different place where one is.[note 2]

In Dead Space 2 the gravity boots can pull Isaac towards a surface from some distance away. Surfaces suitable for this marked with a holographic symbol. The boots still allow Isaac to walk around in a Zero gravity environment but he can no longer launch himself across a room and must rely on thrusters built into his suit to move around.

In both games the boots automatically activate when entering a zero gravity environment on foot and can be deactivated manually to jump or use suit thrusters.


The unusually powerful effect of Isaac's foot-stomps [note 3] is often ascribed to the Zero-Gravity Boots integrated into his RIG containing similar technology to that found in Gravity Plates. As such, they would be capable of generating very localized focuses of intense gravitational force, not dissimilar to the intense and lethal force exerted by a malfunctioning gravity plate; in effect, his boot-stomps are believed to be preceded by a locus of intensely shearing gravitational force, easily capable of rending flesh and bone alike.

One strange thing that doesn't make much sense is that when Isaac runs out of air or gets torn in half, his lower body will float off from where he was standing on, the magnetization of the boots should have kept the feet there whether he's dead or not. It is possible that when the RIG wearer flatlines, their boots disables automatically, but that theory has not been proven.

In Dead Space 2, even if Isaac is in the Patient Suit (without the boots), the strength of his stomps is identical to the stomp when he wears suits. This is likely for gameplay reasons.


  1. If a jump is not possible, the ammo counter will flash red and beep.
  2. Remember that while you can only jump on flat surfaces, sometimes a curved corner will allow you to change wall; For example, from ceiling to wall.
  3. Isaac is capable of dismembering corpses in a single stomp, as well as Necromorphs in one-to-two such stomps; similarly, he can easily crush Swarmers.