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Zochenko was a miner on Aegis VII and was one of those severely affected by dementia.[1]


Zochenko and at least one other miner were present in the complex near the Marker 3A excavation site at the time of the artifact's removal. While the Marker was removed from its pedestal, it released a burst of energy that caused Zochenko to become completely insane, prompting him to murder his colleague with his Rock Saw.

Zochenko was found by engineers Sam Caldwell, Sterling and Egan in an animalistic state, repeatedly slashing his colleague's corpse with the Rock Saw. Despite Sterling's warnings, Zochenko approached the trio, causing Sterling to shoot him with his Rivet Gun. Zochenko dropped the Rock Saw but was otherwise unaffected, then proceeded to charge at them again in a fit of rage, forcing Sam to put him down for good.

His Rock Saw was picked up by Sam, who would later use it in his own dementia-driven violence.[1]