尸变体 are mutated corpses reshaped into horrific new forms by a recombinant extraterrestrial infection derived from a genetic code etched into and transmitted by the Markers. The resulting creatures are extremely aggressive and will attack any living organism on sight. Necromorphs 是变异的尸体,通过重组的外星感染被重塑成可怕的新形式,这种感染源自蚀刻在标记中并由标记传递的遗传密码。由此产生的生物极具攻击性,会攻击任何看到的生物体。





这些是信标的孩子 - 凯恩的 "尸变体" - 提供了我所需的一切材料。而感染者变体提供了关键步骤:将材料直接植入大脑可提供最佳效果。
—— Challus Mercer博士[1]


尸变体由信标生成,这些构造体播送高度集中的电磁信号,在细胞尺度上改变影响范围内的任何死亡组织,将其转化为纯粹的尸变体组织来复活宿主生物的尸体。[2]尸变体的结构通过信号维系,如果没有信号,它们会退化成“汤状有机物”。[3]该信号也会影响附近任何智能生命的心智,通常表现为失智症,导致杀人/自杀行为,其本质是为即将到来的尸变体感染确立基础。[4] 此外,信标的脉冲还会在适配个体的大脑中植入包含蓝图的可自行复制信号,从而引导他们创造红色信标来传播传染。[5][6]

File:DSR Divider Concept.jpg

A Divider Necromorph.

The infection is also spread directly through the Necromorph pathogen – that is, the reanimated cells created by the Markers and which compose the Necromorphs. Typically, the infection is passed on to new host bodies via specialized Necromorphs such as Infectors or Swarm Infectors. As the Necromorph pathogen infects only necrotic tissue, living victims who come into contact with it typically do not undergo transformation unless it is inserted directly into their bodies, in which case they will undergo a gradual transformation as they slowly die; this can be seen in the case of Brant Harris, who transformed into a Necromorph capable of regenerating severed limbs in a matter of seconds, and in the case of S.C.A.F. soldiers who ingested Necromorph tissue, causing them to turn into a unique, Wendigo-like form of Necromorph known as the Feeder.[7]

Once the host is dead, the recombinant properties of the infection take hold. The process is extraordinarily rapid, and predictably violent. Cellular functions go into a self-destructive overdrive, creating new biologically active compounds which are then metabolized by reanimated flesh to fuel further mutations. Bones are broken, put together in new configurations, or reshaped into entirely new forms.

The transformation can take place in a matter of seconds, and the process generates tremendous amounts of heat. More often than not, the violently spasming corpses become so hot that stagnant blood begins to boil in the veins and arteries, rupturing the skin. Formerly vital organs (such as parts of the digestive system) that are no longer needed are broken down and turned into additional musculature, giving all Necromorphs increased physical strength.

File:DSR Brute Concept.jpg

A Brute Necromorph composed of multiple dead hosts' combined biomass.

While Slashers are overall the most common type of Necromorph, the creature created during infection largely depends on location and circumstance. For example, Lurkers are usually created from the infant-like organ banks used for medical transplants, human-born infants or, in other cases, dogs, while Guardians are created from corpses that have been affixed to the Corruption. However, some Necromorphs are clearly composed of more than one human (see Brute or Tripod), which is an indication that some form of intelligence is at work allocating biomass for specific use.


A Slasher continues to operate despite the damage to its body.

All Necromorphs are extremely hardy and capable of surviving in lethal environments such as the vacuum of space. This implies a total lack of respiration or reliance upon vascular activity, which explains the Necromorphs' resistance to wounds that would cause massive blood loss due to hemorrhaging in humans. The most effective way to defeat the majority of Necromorph forms is through dismemberment; by cutting off a Necromorph's means of mobility, the creature will collapse and be seemingly rendered inert, although, even in this state, the Marker signal will continue to permeate their body, making minute changes to their structure and causing their cells to continue living.[8] Many Necromorphs also feature yellow, luminescent tumor-like growths or pustules filled with bile;[9] these sacs often explode violently when ruptured.


These Necromorphs have no intelligence - how could they? Yet there's clear, if rudimentary purpose behind their actions, especially the gathering of corpses. They're clearly following some drive to kill living organisms and gather biomass. But where does this drive come from? How does it command them? Do all Necromorphs converted by a Marker share this... bond? Pack instinct? Or is the Hive Mind demonstrating a genuine telepathic communication - perhaps the first ever observed? How painful to admit that the Marker's horrors still hold a fascination for me.
——Dr. Terrence Kyne[10]
Hive minds


Necromorphs are highly aggressive; they will attack any living being on sight, regardless of species. The sole purpose of this behavior is to kill new hosts and spread the infection as quickly as possible. In order to more effectively hunt their prey, Necromorphs share a form of collective intelligence that allows them to act in a coordinated manner. This shared consciousness originates from Nexus Necromorphs or "Hive Minds", large creatures that act as conduits for the Markers' signals and relay orders to the smaller Necromorphs.[11][12]

File:DSR Launch Trailer Marker.png

Marker 3A surrounded by Necromorph Corruption created by its signal.

While the Markers create the Necromorphs by recombining dead flesh through their signal, they do not directly guide the creatures beyond sending out general commands to the Nexus forms, with the Necromorphs behaving as little more than animals with an insatiable drive to hunt and gather biomass. As such, the creatures will attack all living beings, even individuals who are under the influence of the Marker.

To protect living beings who are useful to its plans, such as those who are better suited to become "architects" and build more Markers, the Marker signal creates a "dead space" around the artifact that keeps most Necromorph forms from approaching it - the "eye of the storm".[13] This allows the Marker to draw useful individuals to its base, where they will be protected from the creatures while their proximity to the Marker ensures that it can easily infect their minds and bend them to its will.[14]

File:Bloodymoon art.png

The Brethren Moons are highly intelligent, moon-sized necrotic lifeforms that are believed to be the source of the Marker signal.

The Necromorphs' control signal can be traced from the Hive Minds to the Markers and, ultimately, to the Brethren Moons, highly intelligent cosmic entities that are formed following a Convergence Event and are capable of creating Necromorphs and manipulating living beings from incredible distances via the Marker signal. The Brethren Moons are linked to one another through a telepathic network spanning the stars, which they use to communicate as the Markers' influence affects other sentient species, leading them to build more Markers, cause Necromorph outbreaks and continue to expand the network through a subsequent Convergence Event.

Despite being viewed as mindless killing machines, Necromorphs sometimes display tactical planning and cooperative behavior: they commonly hunt in small packs of mixed individuals with semi-specific roles, and use stealth, ambush, or group tactics to outsmart their victims. This requires a degree of strategic thinking, and points to a certain amount of individual intelligence and communication. Examples of this include using ventilation shafts to sneak up on prey, playing dead, not attacking until the victim is well within striking range or their back is turned, or using a lure to draw known threats into an ambush.



Necromorphs not currently engaging a non-Necromorph target have been observed as performing several different behaviors. Many will wander aimlessly, almost passively, with no real destination, until they are aware of a new victim to kill that they will immediately engage. Some will drag bodies to a different location, possibly to make it easier for an Infector to find. Some will hide themselves inside ventilation shafts, setting up new or resetting previous ambush sites. Some will simply stand in place, waiting for a new victim to come to them. When a target is present but out of range, they will often watch the victim and attempt to intimidate them with loud growls and threatening poses. Feeders are also observed to do what appears to be eating when no living beings are nearby.

Of the Necromorph "foot soldier" forms, Stalkers appear to have the strongest sense of pack cohesion and individual intelligence demonstrated, as they will often peek around corners to lure victims while another will charge from a different direction. They are also the only known Necromorphs to directly communicate with one another, as the noises they make seem to hold some significance, e.g. the Stalkers will make a noise while or just after Isaac Clarke has moved his location, alerting the other Stalkers.

File:Fodder concept.jpg

Fodders can fool their prey by retaining their hosts' clothing and tools before revealing their monstrous form.

A form of Necromorphs called Fodders are also seen still carrying the melee weapons previously used by their hosts, showing that they either have a very slight form of intelligence or, quite simply, their behavior might be actualized contextually by the common consciousness. Another example of Necromorphs using contextual adaptation as a form of intelligence are the Creeper and Shambler. When the Creepers take over the corpse of a S.C.A.F. or Circle soldier, they immediately know how to use their gun functions and will wield the weapon, albeit in a rudimentary manner with extremely poor accuracy, indicating a low level of fine motor control.

In Dead Space 3, it can be seen that when Necromorphs are left idle for years at a time, they curl up in a hanging patch of the Corruption to conserve their energy and wait for unsuspecting prey. This results in the Necromorphs becoming mummified and fungus-like in the process if left in this state. An example of this is seen when Isaac Clarke and John Carver enter the dilapidated CMS Roanoke, a 200-year old ship in orbit over Tau Volantis.


Dismembering limbs
——Glen Schofield, Dead Space Executive Producer [15]


数不清的人死于不了解尸变体的弱点:肢解。唯一可以有效杀死该生物的方法是通过去除头部、手臂、腿、及其它附属器官将其切成碎块。某些尸变体像The HunterThe Ubermorph 无法通过肢解杀死,因为它们所有身体部分都可以再生。

有策略性的去除生物肢体的行为被死亡空间的开发团队称为"肢解战略".[16] 每个生物都有相对应的肢解策略:某些在去除足够的肢体后便会死去,某些会因特定的肢体被切断而即刻死亡, 而某些在被 击中错误的部位后会更具危险性。反复尝试后才能学会如何正确的肢解生物。 肢解不仅是唯一能有效阻止变体恐惧的方法,也是最好的生存之道。


  • Necromorphs have similiarities to the creatures called "Xenomorphs" in the movie "Aliens" in that they will travel by vent or other areas that they climb from for the element of suprise in addition to the similar names.
  • Necromorphs are most similar to the creatures from the movie "The Thing" because like the Necromorphs, the creature in the movie could infect and than take over the host using parts of the host's previous form. In one scene of the movie, one of the characters head's fall off and the result is something that looks almost identical to a Divider spawn head.
  • The term "Necromorph" is a neologism comprised of the root words "necro" (from the greek word 'νεκρός ~ nekros') meaning "dead" and "morph" (from the greek 'μορφή ~ morfee') meaning "form" or "shape"; thus "Necromorph" can be translated into the synonymical morphologically parsed term "Dead-Form", an apt name for the creatures given their nature.
  • According to the design team, the key idea of the Necromorphs is that they are made up entirely of human body parts: scythe arms were once the bones of the human host, tentacles are made up of a host's intestines, etc. All of their parts are made up of re-purposed parts of the previous host. The team studied medical, autopsy, and accident photos in order to recreate the effect of a ravaged human body, to give a sense of realism as to how the human bodies in the games have been twisted into monsters. [17]
  • The Necromorphs seem to be less inclined to attack those under the influence of the Markers, as shown in the comics. Natalia Deshyanov was not attacked by the Necromorphs as she was making her way to the rover bay, only observed.
  • The name "Necromorph" was first coined by Dr. Kyne, according to this log.
  • As evidenced in Dead Space 2's multiplayer, Necromorphs can see neuron strands in the human body. It is possible to speculate that Necromorphs can sense electric impulses.
  • Every known Necromorph form has been shown to be dismember-able in some way, excluding the Creeper from Dead Space: Martyr and the Wheezer from Dead Space.
  • If a Necromorph places Isaac Clarke or Gabe Weller in a quick-time event with other Necromorphs around, the other Necromorphs will just wait patiently to attack while Isaac or Gabe fight off the holding Necromorph.



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